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a new way to do health

Environmental Challenges are constantly increasing and changing, and so must the way we do health.

Many of you are struggling with some difficult health challenges, and you have my deepest empathy.

Our office is dedicated to helping you experience optimal health.

The answer may not be (and likely isn't) a quick fix. But with persistence, an individual plan, and a willingness to make the necessary changes, it is often possible! Don't give up on yourself, and we won't either.

On behalf of our team,

-Christy, RN Digestive & Internal Health Specialist

where to start?

  1. Meet with Christy

  2. Get the appropriate testing

  3. Get a nutrition and lifestyle plan specifically for you

  4. Get follow up testing to ensure your plan is working for you

  5. Achieve your goals

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Science based nutrition​

Too often as health care practitioners, we look at a small piece of the puzzle and make educated conclusions without doing proper testing. For example, a simple, inexpensive blood test will demonstrate the liver is under significant stress. Without comprehensive testing, however, it will be difficult to discover what the major contributors are to the liver being over burdened. One example, is the need to check for hemachromatosis, a hereditary disorder in which iron salts are deposited in the tissues, leading to liver damage, diabetes mellitus, and bronze discoloration of the skin. Another example would be testing the hair for excess copper. This can also lead to liver damage.

That is why our office is a member with Science based nutrition, so we can offer you comprehensive testing to help you feel and stay well at an affordable price. After testing, Dr. Miller and Christy, RN work together to form a comprehensive report with an individualized nutrition and lifestyle plan to help your body restore normal function.

It is also a well known fact that you can have serious disease in your body long before symptoms start to show. Have you ever known a fit person who suddenly died of a heart attack? Your pancreas can only be working at 25% and still have no symptoms. Testing is prevention at it's finest and may allow you to make changes before it is too late. Because we want everyone to experience optimal health and impact the world, we recommend testing to everyone. Stop wasting your money on supplements that you don't know are making a difference.

Have a family history of breast cancer. Get tested! Have a family history of diabetes? Get tested! Have a family history of heart disease? Get Tested. Have a family history of...? Get tested! Want TRUE prevention? Get Tested! 

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challenge exam

While mainstream nutrition assumes if you eat 20g of protein then you digest it, at Miller Chiropractic Health Center we make no such assumptions! That's why we perform a Challenge Palpation exam to see what stresses in the body may be inhibiting normal function. A non-invasive exam is performed fasting and then 45min after drinking a shake with fats, protein, carbohydrates, and fiber. This allows us to see what stressors are in the body when you are are not eating, what stressors are there solely as a result of food, and MOST importantly, what stressors are in the body ALL THE TIME. It also tells us what macros you are able to digest, absorb, and utilize. Together with laboratory testing, this helps us form a more complete picture and gives us a simple, cost effective way to monitor progress in the short term.

True Cellular Detox

True Cellular Detox

Lead in the water, mercury in our mouths, aluminum in our food and deodorant, glyphosate in more than 65% of our rain water, toxic fumes in our cleaning sprays and toiletries, mold in our homes... and the list of toxins goes on and on until eventually our buckets are overflowing.​

The need for detox becomes clearer each day. The problem with most detox programs out there (and we've done them) is they only address DOWNstream pathways, such as the liver, the kidneys, or the gut. While this may be beneficial, they do not remove toxins at the cellular level, and more specifically the cellular level in the brain. Additionally, if adequate measures are not taken to truly bind the toxins and carry them out of the body, they can be reabsorbed and redistributed to a different location in the body. This often results in more symptoms than were present prior to detoxification. ​

This is why our office is pleased to offer a SAFE and effective method of CELLULAR DETOX.

Using true binders, we get UPSTREAM and work to remove the source of toxicity and carry it completely out of the body.​


Common symptoms of toxic overload include, but are not limited to: brain fog, memory loss, digestive problems, low energy, chronic/unexplained pain, insomnia, mood swings, anxiety/depression, ringing in the ears, blood sugar disregulation, irritability, sensitivity to light and/or noise, weight gain and weight loss resistance. 

How to know if you're toxic:

Everyone is exposed to heavy metals and chemicals on a regular basis and has some degree of toxicity. The question is not whether or not you have heavy metals and general toxicity, it's how much and what types and are they overwhelming your system. 

The best way to know is to be tested. Our favorite test is the Urinary Toxic Element Challenge that assesses which heavy metals are excreted in your urine. For example: lead, cadmium, mercury, nickle etc. This test will clearly show if heavy metals are an issue and to what extent. We often pair this with a hair analysis.

We also offer a collection of tests called True Cellular Detox Testing. It includes the following:

  1. A quick urine test for cellular inflammation.

  2. A visual contrast sensitivity test as toxicity in the brain will affect this

  3. A neurotoxic questionnaire. 

Call our office today to get tested and know if toxicity is the reason you don't feel well. You will meet with Christy Finley RN for a nutritional consultation. 

Christy leads a FREE online community that supports each other on overcoming various health difficulties together. This group practices diet variation and monthly fasting together. Request to join this community by clicking below.

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