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Miller Chiropractic Health Center

Live pain free & Energized

Miller Chiropractic Health Center 2016-0

Gentle and effective chiropractic care using instrument adjusting with advanced proficiency. 


Science based nutrition and root cause solutions.


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whole body wellness

We know you want more than living PAIN FREE & ENERGIZED. You want to live motivated and inspired, enjoy and care for those you love, and achieve your goals.

That's why our office is dedicated to helping you experience optimal health so you can pursue your dreams and impact the world.

We offer exceptional chiropractic care, nutritional exams, laboratory testing, and nutritional and lifestyle coaching to help equip you to make energy producing habits and enjoy whole body health.

Dr. Miller

Serving Olathe for over 40 years!

Dr. Miller is a master of GENTLE and effective chiropractic care. With proficiency in Activator and Koren Specific Technique, he helps to quickly relieve pain and nervous system interference for whole body wellness without traditional "popping" or "cracking".

Because the health of the public is constantly being challenged by new stressors, Dr. Miller continues to be a life long learner with post-graduate courses in homeopathy, sports rehabilitation, acupuncture, various adjusting techniques, spinal rehabilitation, x-ray, nutrition, and auto accident evaluation and treatment.  

If results are slow, testing may be necessary to assess for nutrient deficiencies, lifestyle factors, and toxic challenges that may be inhibiting the body's ability to heal and repair.

"The best I’ve ever been to. I’ll be using them for any future chiropractic needs!"

nurse christy


forming Individualized plans

Christy is crazy passionate about helping people live & stay healthy! As a Registered Nurse with over 8 years of nutritional experience and education she is helping people overcome various health issues by getting to root causes. She is also certified as a Digestive & Internal Health Specialist with the Loomis Institute of Enzyme Nutrition.

She is skilled with Heavy Metal Detox, Healthy Digestion, Women's health and fertility, and Immune support.

Find her educational videos and stay informed on upcoming classes by following her on Facebook. 

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